Writing Resume Achievements

When it comes to writing resume achievements to add value to your executive resume, take a macro view of your career, and highlight career successes that convey a holistic view of your leadership skills. Measurable contributions, awards, projects, and self-development initiatives are just a few of the many creative ways to add impact to your professional resume.  

In the event you have an extensive history of career success, no worries there; bear in mind that you have several options for showcasing your personal brand and leadership qualifications. In addition to your executive resume, Linkedin, an online WebFolio, cover letters are all powerful ways to market yourself.

Let us not forget any applicable volunteer engagements. Perhaps you received a noteworthy honor or recognition from a community organization, shining a spotlight on you for specific leadership skills. In the event these are in alignment with the personal brand, you can plug this into your executive resume summary or add an awards snapshot and display it there.


When writing a good executive resume, challenge yourself to summarize each leadership position within 3-5 bullets per role succinctly. The C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, Results) technique is a useful tool for clearly communicating value within your professional resume. With this method, you would describe the challenge, state the action you took to solve the problem, and share the result of your efforts.


Regardless if you are writing a current CEO resume, IT Director resume, or Sales and Marketing resume, you can use the C.A.R. writing style to strengthen the focus, content, and storytelling aspect of your executive resume to reflect a more compelling picture of who you are and what you can deliver.


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