Writing a Current Resume

Feeling as if your executive resume is too long, outdated, or perhaps you need help writing a current resume to reflect the “real you” more closely? As we pivot throughout different roles in our careers, we tap into a salad bowl of skills to lead, inspire, and drive desired results.

Regardless if you have found yourself in several different roles recently or whether you are very tenured in your current leadership position, the need to keep your professional resume clean, uncluttered, and modern remains the same. When refreshing your resume be sure to factor in quality of content and presentation into your makeover. Organize and present your career story in a way that is concise, compelling, and visually engaging. 

The challenge many of us face is looking at ourselves objectively. If you find yourself struggling with narrowing down your strong suits, get an unbiased opinion from a trusted colleague, friend, or perhaps your boss. Pick their brain and ask them to give you feedback on what they view as your top 2-3- strengths.

Also, scheduling downtime for yourself can be very valuable in providing you with reflective moments to gain clarity on your top leadership qualities. In doing so, you can jot down thoughts and ideas and begin connecting the dots between accomplishments and the skills you utilize most often to foster outcomes.

As you begin to focus on your top leadership attributes and translate these into achievements that convey what makes you unique as a leader, your personal brand starts to unfold.

Keeping your executive resume updated annually at a minimum will make this process a lot less overwhelming and can reduce the amount of resume help you need to keep your document refreshed.

If you need help with writing an executive resume, professional resume, or LinkedIn profile we can help. Contact us at info@resumesbyjoyce.com or 404-790-4883.