Why You Should Strive To Perform Above Your Present Skill Level

Long gone are the days when your performance appraisal functions as the dominant tool for guiding and influencing your professional development track. Today, you are the author and driving force behind your career advancement and management of your personal brand and how all of this plays out on your executive resume. 

Just as entrepreneurs are known for being resourceful, innovative, and vigilant in their efforts to maintain their market relevance, financial stability, and value to their customers, senior leaders must embrace a similar approach to achieve longevity in their careers.  Besides, your self-development journey makes for rich content and storytelling on your CEO resume.

Leaders who are continuously evolving and growing become valuable players within their organization.  So let’s take a look at some of the possible leadership benefits of performing levels above where you currently are. 

Strengthen Your Professional Reputation:

Being branded as a strategic source and hub of knowledge can certainly help place you on the fast track within your organization. To keep the pace with market and consumer demand, companies are constantly seeking to shore up their ‎bench strength to remain competitive.  By operating a level above your current role, you can bring new perspectives into your company in regards to growth and expansion insight, market threats, and new product opportunities.  

Enhance Your Chances for Promotion:

‎Functioning at higher levels can keep you on a career trajectory ripe with prime leadership promotions. We all know that information is powerful. Therefore it may prove very beneficial to tap into a couple of your preferred leadership blogs as a starting point for staying informed on what competencies prospective employers are looking for on executive resumes and the type of leadership traits that are in greatest demand.

Optimize Your Team’s Performance:

Set the stage and pave the way for your team to advance by serving as a source of inspiration for them in placing self-development as a  priority. After all, one of the many expectations of you as a leader is to grow your team into a high functioning and effective talent pipeline.  Knowing that you played a significant role in a direct report’s career progression and promotion into more senior roles can be one of the most rewarding aspects of leadership.

Kudos to you if you already apply this principle, if not, know that the intangible and tangible benefits of higher level performance are endless.

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