Why You Should Maximize all of Your LinkedIn Profile Sections

With 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn as a more efficient, cost-effective avenue for tapping into key talent, LinkedIn is just as valuable as your executive resume regardless of whether you are an active or passive job seeker. Completing all sections of your LinkedIn profile can significantly increase your searchability online.

Let’s face it: when writing a good executive resume, you would certainly not leave a leadership role completely unaccounted for, particularly if it was within your last ten years of employment. Equally important should be your focus on keyword optimizing and conveying your value for each position within your LinkedIn profile.

Bear in mind that perspective employers will likely search you on LinkedIn as part of a pre-screening process. Who knows, the job that you leave blank within your profile may just be the one leadership role where a recruiter is searching for a candidate who has successfully held oversight for a merger, acquisition, or major technology upgrade that you have experience in spearheading. You may also not appear as high in search results because you left this job incomplete on your LinkedIn profile.

2,000 character spaces are provided for your summary.  Use this section as a great introduction to share what makes you unique. Give some thought to identifying your most “stand out” qualities, and convey this information through compelling highlights that engage others viewing your profile.

Take advantage of an opportunity to share your personality while maintaining a professional tone and be sure to include industry-specific keywords, leadership accomplishments, and soft skills that demonstrate your strongest competencies.

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