Why You Should Keep a Master Version of Your Executive Resume

Your leadership career has been hallmarked by numerous business expansions, awards, and promotions, not to mention the talent you have developed into high-potential leaders.  Keeping your executive resume updated and managing the trajectory of your career becomes even more vital as you begin to move further up the ranks in senior management. 

Though it is wise to keep your executive resume up-to-date in a current resume format, consider maintaining a master version of your executive resume as a central repository for managing all of your noteworthy career achievements.  Below I have shared three awesome benefits for creating a master executive resume.

You Can Effectively Manage Your Career Milestones

The master version of your executive resume should be structured in a way that helps you clearly review how your leadership career has evolved while also positioning you to readily identify dates, times, roles, key assignments held, challenges faced, and capital projects managed for each position.  This master version allows you to focus and hone in on specific milestones, should you need this information for an executive bio, Board-level position, or maybe your company is requiring executives to have an updated LinkedIn profile.

It Provides Leverage for an Interview

Being able to align your leadership qualifications with the perspective employer’s position requirements is key to landing a targeted role.  The master executive resume becomes a document that you can easily reference and extract noteworthy achievements and leadership assignments that coincide with the role. Thus saving you the time of investing hours into figuring out how to write the most effective resume format while also providing you with powerful information to leverage during an interview that may strengthen your candidacy.  

It Saves You Time Tailoring Your Resume for Different Roles

Bear in mind that your master resume is an easy-to-access central repository for housing and tracking the trajectory of your leadership  career.  You can reduce the amount of resume tweaking and tailoring for various roles by simply referencing the master version of your executive resume to utilize bullets or key phrases for your tailored version as you need to, saving you the time of having to reconstruct bullets for every job you target.

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