Why it is Important to Keep Your Executive Resume Updated

More and more job seekers are being found on LinkedIn by recruiters with many being asked to forward their executive resume for consideration for an immediate leadership opportunity.

In the event a prospective employer reaches out to you for an unsolicited leadership role, knowing that time is of the essence when a recruiter is interested in connecting with you regarding an employment opening, ask yourself, are you in a position to forward your professional resume immediately? Is your professional resume updated in the most modern format and is it strategized in a way that succinctly touts your most marketable capabilities?

To compete in today’s highly competitive job market, it takes a powerful, personally branded executive resume backed by rich storytelling, solid interpersonal qualities, and accomplishments to capture the attention of hiring professionals. This applies across the board, whether you are challenged with how to write a good IT Director resume, CEO resume, or PMO Director resume, your career collateral should be written in the most effective resume format.

With online recruiting playing a bigger role in sourcing talent, keeping your executive resume updated to reflect your most current career milestones should rank high on your list of priorities.

Sure, it may take a small investment of your time to flesh out the details of your top strengths so that your executive resume positions you to best convey your unique value, in the end, you will find the exercise will be well worth.

Knowing that the manner in which leadership talent is vetted is continually evolving, make it a point to revisit and refresh your resume content as your career progress to ensure it consistently reflects your full leadership potential.

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