What’s New with LinkedIn Premium


Many of us see the new year as a clean slate, an opportunity to start something new. As you reset and revitalize your professional goals, we want to help you #StartSomething great with the help of our newest LinkedIn Premium features. Whether you’re looking to gain a competitive edge as a job seeker or to take your organization to the next level as a business leader, LinkedIn Premium can help you pursue your career aspirations more effectively by empowering you to work more efficiently.

Our two consumer subscriptions, Premium Career and Premium Business, have significantly evolved over the last year to provide a more powerful Premium experience. You can now take advantage of a multitude of exclusive data insights, as well as unlimited access to newly launched LinkedIn products like LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Salary. Here’s a snapshot of each membership.

The Difference Data Makes

If you’re a Premium Career member, we’ve added a number of personalized insights to LinkedIn Jobs to help you not only find a job, but the right job, and use your competitive edge to land it.

The Premium experience of our LinkedIn Jobs homepage immediately surfaces your connections at a hiring company, jobs you’d be a top applicant for, and companies that are growing quickly for professions similar to yours.

Once you’ve found a job opening that interests you, the next-level experience of LinkedIn job postings gives you instant insights on your connections at a hiring company, the team you might work with if you get the job, as well as the company’s growth and hiring trends directly on the posting. Is this job and company the right job for YOU? If so, you can use our network related insights to make sure you’re leveraging your “in.”

If you’re a Premium Business member, the Premium Business Insights feature provides unique and timely data directly on the Company Pages of organizations that interest you. As of last week, we’ve also unveiled an enriched Who’s Viewed My Profile experience, which surfaces data on the particular companies whose employees are viewing your profile. This proprietary information can be valuable to any professional, from the small business owner gathering relevant information on key competitors and market trends, to the investment professional trying to uncover the next “hot” company.

Money, Money, Money!

Just last November, we unveiled our new salary tool, LinkedIn Salary. With LinkedIn Premium, you have access to LinkedIn Salary without having to contribute your own salary information —  we’ve also unlocked salary data throughout your job seeking experience. You can now filter jobs by salary and have immediate access to more precise salary information on the job postings you’re interested in, bringing much needed transparency to the job seeking process.

Always Be Learning

Both our Premium Career and Premium Business subscriptions now include unlimited access to the more than 9,000 courses on our brand new learning platform, LinkedIn Learning. We help you identify the skills you need to advance your career and deliver expert-led courses for you to obtain them. Take the opportunity to learn directly from industry greats like our very own CEO Jeff Weiner, or best-selling author Suzy Welch.

 LinkedIn Premium aims to unlock a deeper, more powerful LinkedIn experience. Whether you’re looking to transform a job opportunity into an offer letter, or to sharpen your industry intel, we’re surfacing these features right at your fingertips to help you more efficiently and effectively drive your career forward in 2017. You can expect even more advanced insights and special feature access to come.