What Does Your Executive Resume Say About You?

If your holy grail leadership opportunity were presented to you today, are you positioned to forward a prospective employer a version of your executive resume in the most current format? If so, great; however, for those who answered no to this question, keeping your executive resume updated to represent who you have become as you have advanced throughout your career should be a high priority action item within your career management strategy.

With at least 90% of employers utilizing online resources to vet both active and passive candidates, the likelihood of you being contacted by a hiring professional for an unsolicited opportunity is very common in today’s employment environment. With this in mind, below I have shared a few leadership questions worth considering when writing a good executive resume.

Is Your Leadership Perspective Broader?

As your business acumen has grown, you may find that your leadership perspective has evolved to include more of a mixture of an entrepreneurial orientation. Perhaps today you approach the tough decisions by balancing risk with your insight of internal business dynamics, market shifts, and customer needs. By updating your executive resume to reflect these qualities while integrating a few quantifiable metrics, you can add meaningful context around some of your most noteworthy leadership contributions.

Has Your Market Value Increased?

Early on in your career, you may have held some pretty exciting leadership roles which prepared you for where you are today. Fast forward to your position as a senior executive, perhaps you have landed a Board membership, or acquired an advanced degree, or you may have led restructurings, mergers, and acquisitions, technology transformations, or recruitment and leadership of global teams, all of which are vital to conveying the story behind who you are as a leader and what you can deliver.

Perhaps Your Brand or Reputation is highly Regarded?

People and relationships matter on so many levels in life and business. Interpersonal competencies are highly sought after by many prospective employers. Therefore it is certainly a benefit to having an executive resume that speaks to your leadership “likeability factor”  regarding your credibility with internal and external audiences,  being an inspirational resource for your team, and an innovative solution generator to your colleagues. Whatever your story is, although you certainly want an achievement-oriented executive resume,  it would also benefit you to reflect your leadership philosophy, character, and a few interpersonal qualities within your professional resume.

In closing, regardless if you are writing a CEO resume or IT Director resume, an important key to remaining competitive is to keep your career collateral updated in the most effective resume format to ensure it fully represents your value.

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