Ways to Update A Resume

Change is good. Despite the may ways to update a resume, keeping your professional resume refreshed and polish-up in today’s fast-paced business world is a must. Regardless if you are not actively pursuing a new opportunity, a recruiter can easily discover you through social networking sites and reach out to you to pitch an exciting career move. Is your resume on point and ready to submit?

If you find yourself in a crunch for time in giving your professional resume a much-needed makeover due to a corporate downsizing, an unexpected relocation, or perhaps a recruiter has contacted you through LinkedIn regarding an exciting job prospect.

Though a lot has changed on the recruiting front, below are a couple of key resume touch points that you will want to be mindful of in updating your resume.

Summary Statement:

Showcasing your work style and soft skills are still essential leadership qualifications to convey in your summary. Key here is to remember that impact and value are equally significant. Make your summary pop with unique sound bites. Perhaps you have traveled to many different countries if so, present your summary so that it reflects your cultural and international perspective, or maybe you have impactful quantifiable metrics or an award to weave into the summary.

With the shift from an objective statement to a qualifications summary, try creating a summary that wows them.

Convey a Story Versus a List of Responsibilities:

As opposed to communicating what you did in a particular executive position, set each leadership role up on your CEO resume to give a glimpse of how you lead, inspire, collaborate, and drive results through others. Begin each role with your most noteworthy successes conveyed in a manner that aligns with your personal brand.

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