Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Resume Without A Degree

Though a degree or certification can certainly breathe new life into your marketability and enhance your executive resume, there are some other writing strategies you can employ to convey your value in powerful ways in the event you do not have a formal degree.

Have you opened doors in international markets, established a foreign subsidiary, or joined a startup as a ground-floor senior leader who has left a significant thumbprint on an organization’s business development strategy? Think about it, your ability to craft your story in a way that demonstrates your rigor and thinking when tackling tough challenges, leading teams that solve mountain-sized problems, and invigorating outdated practices are a true testament to your mental fortitude, trustworthiness, and leadership talent.

Displaying true grit and tenacity in your CEO resume through the type of leadership assignments you have held can go a long way in elevating your candidacy. Talent acquisition strategies are changing in terms of the skills and competencies prospective employers are looking for in both senior leaders and frontline employees. So do not think for a moment that your lack of a degree is detrimental to your career advancement or will reduce your competitive edge over other candidates. 

 Your executive resume should balance your soft skills against your hard skills. Soft skills may consist of your ability to communicate effectively or your decision-making abilities, as well as how flexible and adaptable you are. If you are writing a good IT Director resume, hard skills may consist of your networking and information systems knowledge.  

The takeaway here is that a degree is often a worthwhile investment into your career; however, it is not the be-all and end-all regarding your fit and candidacy for landing a senior leadership role.

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