Ways to Make Your Executive Resume Stand Out

Viewing your executive resume as a marketing document in terms of how your layout, delineate and present your brand can yield big returns. Senior management resumes should be focused and succinctly convey your ability to lead change, influence others, and cascade a clear vision to your team.

Writing a good executive resume involves communicating your industry expertise, the benefits of hiring you, and what you can deliver.  Below I have provided three tips on ensuring your CEO-level resume is hard-hitting, succinct, and helps to cement your candidacy.

Tip #1: Include a value proposition statement. Get creative here by including a branding statement that effectively showcases, in a few words, who you are and what you can deliver. For example, if you are a business development executive, your current resume format may include a tagline that might read:

Relationship builder, penetrator, and growth catalyst of sales funnels valued at $30+ million.  

Tip #2: Keeping in mind the importance of soft skills, blend your soft skills against your measurable achievements. Your soft skills may include people management with an ability to inspire and influence others or your talent for negotiating with and presenting to boards and key stakeholders.

Tip #3: Presentation and style should be carefully selected based on your audience, target role, and your personality. Showcase your value right up front as it best aligns with the role. Your executive resume should tell a story, be easy to navigate and be well presented in a modern format that enables referencing of key information at a cursory glance.

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