Updating Your Executive Resume 

Most of us will agree that updating your executive resume is something we often dred. Knowing how to competitively position your value within your executive resume can yield a huge ROI in today’s job market. Considering it can be somewhat of a challenge to stay up to date on personal branding trends, changes in employer expectations, and the most in-demand leadership skills within your industry, below I have shared three impactful updates to help with writing your executive resume.

Add a LinkedIn Skill Badge to Your Executive Resume:

The LinkedIn Skill Assessment is a great feature that allows you to successfully complete an assessment and earn a badge that can be displayed within your profile to alert recruiters that you have in-depth knowledge of a particular skill. This is an excellent way to stand out among the competition. You can also take it a step further and get strategic by mentioning this badge within a “key qualifications” section in the summary of your executive resume.

Make Your Personal Brand Pop:

Whether it is your knack for turning around underperforming organizations, or your commitment to cultivating new leaders or stewarding successful M&A strategies, we all have attributes that uniquely define us. After describing your personal brand, make your executive resume pop by conveying your unique value proposition in a compelling way within the summary section. 

Add Your LinkedIn URL to your resume:

By adding your LinkedIn URL as an additional form of contact on your executive resume,  not only are you conveying that you are current with the latest technology, you are also providing recruiters with an additional option to connect with you for a potential opportunity. 

If you need help with writing an executive resume, professional resume, or LinkedIn profile, we can help. Contact our professional resume writing service at info@resumesbyjoyce.com.