Try Networking to Secure Your Next Job Opportunity

You have written an interview-winning executive resume and cover letter for an executive position; the next step is mapping out an action plan to gain some traction with prospective employers.

Having an extensive network of contacts to engage with or to tap into throughout your career is powerful. After all, in today’s job market around 70% of jobs are secured through networking.

That being said, there is value in building and sustaining your database of contacts. Being well-connected will go a long way in getting your professional resume into the hands of a hiring manager. Therefore, cultivate your connections and give yourself a job search tool that just keeps on giving. Read on for some expert tips on ways to grow your professional community.

Reach out to colleagues or industry contacts through attendance at professional meetings, trade shows, meet-ups, or conferences. Remember to craft an effective elevator pitch to succinctly share who you uniquely are and what opportunities you are seeking.

If you are attending professional meetings or a conference, bring a few copies of your most current executive resume format. Who knows, you might meet a prospective employer at a conference.

Join groups on LinkedIn and stay engaged through insightful commentary, advice, or self-published articles.

Strategically volunteer within your field or in the event you are contemplating a career change, volunteer outside of your industry to create connections with other leaders who share your similar interests and values. Volunteering can open the door to numerous opportunities for you and those around you.

 In the event you are active on Twitter, invest time in participating in online forums to grow your professional brand and to demonstrate your industry expertise. This is a great way to create an online outreach strategy, engage with key influencers, and meet new people, all while continuing to grow your network.

Make sustaining your network a priority throughout the life of your career. Get creative with how you keep in touch. Take advantage of the endorsement feature on LinkedIn to recognize someone for a skill they excel in, write a recommendation on LinkedIn for a contact, or simply meet with a contact over coffee. The point is, there are so many easy ways to maintain and continue growing your network.

As a parting reminder:  Express your appreciation through an email note or thank-you card to extend your gratitude to those who have connected you with career opportunities and to stay top of mind.

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