Tips to Upgrade Your Executive Resume

In this highly competitive employment market, you may wonder how you can stand out among the competition with an executive resume that shows you are current and up-to-date with the latest trends. First things first, in knowing how to write a modern executive resume, remember your resume is not a bio; that is what LinkedIn comes in handy for.

In the event you have spoken at industry conferences or have an extensive civic background, or maybe you have numerous publications, consider sprinkling some of these highlights into your LinkedIn profile. This will make effective use of real estate space on both your executive resume and your LinkedIn profile. Keep reading for additional tips on how to write the most effective resume format.

Highlight Accomplishments

Strategically highlight noteworthy accomplishments upfront as part of your introductory summary as opposed to burying all of your noteworthy contributions within the bullet points of each job. Try showcasing about three relevant achievements as a bulleted achievements snapshot at the beginning of your resume. Be sure to blend key words, soft skills, and quantifiable achievements where possible. 

Use Conservative Color

Visually engage the human reviewer of your executive resume by adding a touch of color to some of the text within each leadership role. For example, you can place boldface text for the first few words of the first line of a bullet within a position. Or you can use a subtle gray or blue shade to highlight the first few words of the first line of a bullet within a position. This will help effectively guide the reader’s eye to valuable qualifications in your professional resume and cover letter that make you a perfect fit for the role.

Remove References Available Upon Request              

Old habits die hard. However, knowing that you will provide references if requested, feel free forgo using up valuable real estate space for this as most hiring professionals know that you will provide references when asked.

Use a Current Email Address Domain

Use a current email address domain such as Gmail, for example, to demonstrate your awareness of the most up-to-date messaging systems.

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