Tips on Writing Compelling Bullets for Your Executive Resume

Within each leadership role you have showcased on your executive resume there is more than likely a story behind how you landed the job. Perhaps you are well-networked and have advanced based on your reputation, or maybe you have rapidly progressed through the ranks with your existing employer due to a highly credible personal brand. Regardless of your backstory, content strategizing and positioning is critical when crafting a good executive resume.

To get at the most compelling contributions you and your team delivered, ask yourself what was going on the market at the time, what were some of the “hot button” projects you were leading during your tenure, or what was the state of the region you inherited.

These are just a few thought-provoking questions you can ask yourself to help lay the foundation for strong storytelling within the professional experience section of your executive resume. As you complete an exercise of self-discovery, look at outcomes as it relates to impact, post-M&A cultural transformations, savings, turnarounds, or teams that you have coached from the lowest to top performing.

Challenge yourself to summarize each leadership position within 3-5 bullets per role succinctly. The C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, Result)  technique is a useful tool for clearly communicating value within your professional resume. With this method, you would describe the challenge, state the action you took to solve the problem and share the result of your efforts.

Regardless if you are writing a current CEO resume, IT Director resume, or Sales and Marketing resume, you can use the C.A.R. writing style to strengthen the focus, content, and storytelling aspect of your executive resume to reflect a more compelling picture of who you are and what you can deliver.

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