Tips on Writing an IT Executive Resume

You have risen through the ranks to become a major contender for that plum IT Director, VP, or CIO role. So now what? An executive resume that uses the (CAR) Challenge Action Results method is a powerful way to communicate impact, strategic agility, and quantifiable achievements to your next employer.

This technique places your value front and center and shows that you bring actionable technology leadership that has a direct impact on the bottom line—with time and cost savings.

Take a moment to jot down your top three accomplishments in a particular senior-level IT position. Then ask yourself, what was going on in the environment at the time? Was there a merger … were you promoted … was there a major system upgrade taking place? Remember to keep your professional resume and cover letter focused, clear, and brief.

Below is an example of putting the CAR strategy into play:

Tip #1

Describe the Challenge:

  • Lack of enterprise governance in place to support seamless information integration in a matrixed environment.

Tip #2

Summarize Your Actions:

  • Chaired senior leadership meetings of internal stakeholders. Led technology team in translating feedback into an information-solution strategy and roadmap that aligned with the global portfolio. Put in place metrics to measure forecasted benefits and value.

Tip #3

Highlight the Results:

  • Drove ROI of 10% by transitioning to a shared platform to integrate enterprise information.
  • Shaped the governance framework with a common set of standards and processes.

Your ability to recruit, mentor, and cultivate top talent is also great information to pepper throughout your CIO, VP, PMO Director or IT Director resume. Building relationships, influencing outcomes, managing change, and employee engagement are excellent ways to demonstrate your success as a leader to prospective employers.

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