Tips on Translating Your Entrepreneurial Value On An  Executive Resume

As an entrepreneur, the reasons you may need an executive resume can vary. You may need to send it to a major client, you may need it to apply for a board position, or you may simply need a professional resume to facilitate your return to a traditional work environment. Whatever the reason may be, and depending on how long you have been an entrepreneur, you may find it necessary to dust off your professional resume.

 Because you wear so many hats as a business owner, you may be curious as to how one goes about creating a modern professional resume for an entrepreneur. Where would you even begin or more importantly, how do you identify your most marketable skills? For starters, your resume-writing strategy may vary slightly depending on who your audience is.

 In the event you are preparing your senior leadership resume for presentation to clients, you may want to highlight and place emphasis on your company’s mission, products, services, and value proposition in ways that strengthen existing client relationships while also conveying service attributes that are attractive to new business prospects.

Conversely, when preparing your executive resume for presentation to prospective employers, you may opt for a strategically branded, keyword-optimized resume that targets a specific industry or senior leadership role.  Take advantage of opportunities to quantify your success as a business owner and sprinkle a few outcome-based milestones into the qualifications summary of your professional resume to enhance the visual engagement factor. Also, if you have won community or business awards, be sure to include these as well.

It would be very beneficial for you to have a current LinkedIn profile that represents your professional brand and aligns with the tone of your executive resume or cover letter for an executive position. Though you have a salad bowl of skills and often function as a “jack of all trades”, try keeping your executive resume focused, clear, and value-added. In the event you get that overwhelming feeling when attempting to define your skills, try engaging the services of a career coach to help with your self-discovery process. 

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Good luck with it!