Tips on how to write your executive resume for internal &  external executive roles

In many cases, you will typically find yourself submitting your executive resume for various senior leadership roles that reside within a family of jobs. These positions have transferrable skills that link them together regardless if your focus is on internal or external roles.‎

By carefully examining the positions you have held and the skills that were required for them, you will find that you possess transferrable skills that you bring to the table, which can be conveyed in your executive resume and easily tailored for internal and external opportunities.

 For example, maybe you have a great eye for spotting key talent or perhaps you have a leadership style where you have consistently transformed teams from the worst into the best performers.

Whatever the case may be, determine your most marketable transferrable skills, then showcase them in your executive resume, particularly if you are changing careers, returning to work after a brief sabbatical, or transitioning from a military to civilian position. Include some action-oriented verbs, keywords, and quantifiable accomplishments within each leadership role.

For internal roles, you may find that your organization uses a library of different acronyms, which may be appropriate to use when updating your executive resume for internal opportunities. However, for external employment interests, be mindful in using proprietary acronyms ‎that are specific to a particular organization. Try spelling the acronym out the first time you use it in your executive resume, then perhaps using just the acronym in other areas of the resume. 

Whether you are applying for an internal or external job, format your executive resume for visual impact while taking into consideration your organizational culture, industry, audience, position, and the prospective employer’s application requirements.  Add some conservative gray or blue lines to delineate sections within your executive resume and cover letter to provide the human reviewer with an easy-to-navigate document.

Note that some application instructions are very specific about how to respond to a posting, so be sure to read the job announcement carefully and follow the instructions, particularly when applying for federal jobs, to ensure you are providing the most effective resume format.

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