Tips on How to Conduct a Traditional Job Search

Though technology has paved the way for most employers to use some version of an applicant screening platform to filter out and find the best candidates, traditional job search methods, though a little tricky, still remain very effective in conducting a job search. Select the right keywords and phrases to write an attention-getting professional resume that will get you noticed!

Classified Advertisements / Newspaper Listings:

With the advancement of technology, you can very easily canvass the Internet to source and possibly secure your next job opportunity. Compared to job boards, classifieds can be considered as that often overlooked source for jobs. However, many classified listings are now displayed online and can be conveniently accessed and included as another alternative to searching for a job.


Thinking outside the box and injecting a dose of creativity into your job search might be a meaningful strategy to reach employers. Perhaps you would like an opportunity to work closer to home, or in a smaller work environment. Review the employer’s instructions and follow the application guidelines as stated because some job postings may indicate the acceptance of online submissions only.

If a walk-in method is your preference, be sure to dress to land the job, arrive with your interview-winning resume and/or cover letter in a professional folder ready to hand-deliver; be very brief, respectful, and thankful for the recipient’s time.

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