Tips on Conducting a Job Search During the Holiday Season

Time to get that executive resume polished up!

Job searching during the holidays can be turn out to be very productive with a well-crafted plan of approach. If you find that your calendar generally opens as the year winds down, the holiday season can bring to bear an array of opportunities to network and volunteer to meet and connect with new people. If you are between jobs, holiday events can offer the chance to “get some fresh air.” Venturing out and talking with people can sometimes be surprisingly energizing.

Perhaps socializing is your thing, if so, there are tons of localized “Meetup” opportunities on that provide professional job search networking functions, networking events for job seekers, and job search get-togethers. Who knows, you could meet some fascinating people at one of these affairs. Take the pressure off by relaxing and viewing the “Meetup” as merely an opportunity for engagement.

Volunteering is another way to engage and network during the holiday season while also providing an avenue to make an impact within your community.  Through volunteering, you can get inspired, gain a new perspective, acquire additional skills, or perhaps make connections that could lead to a new career path.

Key here is to try adding a human element to your job search and avoid limiting yourself to responding to online announcements.

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