The Value of Your Online Executive Brand

Though a well-written executive resume can strategically position you as a top leadership candidate and pave the way for a highly coveted interview, your executive  online brand is equally important to the hiring process. With almost all things being digitized today, the stakes are higher  than ever before in terms of how your qualifications are pre-screened by a prospective employer. However, reality is that many individuals are not yet comfortable with social media or simply do not have the appetite for it.

Bear in mind that in the event you do not have an online presence, it can be perceived as if you are not current and up-to-date with modern technology. Harnessing your executive resume as the only tool in your career management strategy is somewhat outdated in today’s employment market.  At a minimum, I would encourage you to couple your most effective resume format with a well-crafted LinkedIn profile and ensure there is alignment between both.

Your online brand functions in a powerful way to strengthen your candidacy for a senior leadership role. Moreover, it has the propensity to increase your interview potential, while also helping with your pre-sales process by providing recruiters with insight into your leadership qualifications, interests, passions, and career milestones.  A great brand has the potential to connect you with the hidden job market. When you are highly searchable online, you increase your chances of being contacted for positions that have yet to be advertised publicly.

With so many recruiters using social media outlets as a candidate sourcing tool, your online presence can shave a considerable amount of time off your job search by increasing your searchability. Make it easy for recruiters to find you.

As opposed to stating your job title within your headline, which is already indicated within your professional experience section,  optimize your keywords by using the 120 character headline to convey a leadership strength that succinctly communicates who you are and what your value is. Follow that up with a compelling keyword-strong summary and professional experience section with each role crafted in a manner that reflects your story.

With your professional resume and your cover letter for an executive position on hand, toss in your LinkedIn profile and executive bio, and you can significantly increase your competitive advantage over other CEO-level candidates by creating, strategizing, and monitoring a killer online brand and CEO resume.

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