The Benefits of Having Multiple Formats of Your Executive Resume

Considering how time consuming a job search can be, having multiple formats of your executive resume on hand for navigating different audiences can save you a considerable amount of time. After you have written a good executive resume in a current format, convert it to PDF, Text, and Word. Yup, all three! Keep reading for some of the best resume tips on how having your resume in three different file formats can benefit you.

In the event you apply for roles through the hidden job market with a strategy to get your executive resume directly into the hands of the hiring manager, you will have the PDF and/or Word file of your professional resume ready to submit at any time, particularly when emailing your executive resume to a recruiter from your mobile device.

One great benefit of the PDF format is that it is fairly compatible with most systems and displays well on laptops, mobile phones, iPads, and the like. Recruiters will appreciate you providing them with a well-crafted, modern resume that is easy to navigate and extract important leadership attributes.

Moreover, should you apply for leadership roles using an applicant tracking system (ATS), there are instances where you will be required to copy and paste your executive resume into the prospective employer’s application portal; this is where the Text version proves beneficial.  For simplicity’s sake, it is more time-efficient and effective to copy and paste your Text resume into an online application system versus the Word format to avoid any potential distortion.

These suggestions apply across many different leadership roles. Regardless if you are writing an IT Director resume, PMO resume, or CEO resume, you will generally have different audiences that you submit your executive resume and cover letter to.

What is very important to remember is that as you update the Word version of your executive resume to target different positions, you will need to resave it as a new PDF and Text version for each senior leadership position you apply to.

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