June 11, 2015

Last week I contacted Joyce of Resumes by Joyce regarding her redoing my resume for me. I had been looking for a job on and off for about five years. Prior to working with Joyce, I had never been contacted by an employer as a result of my posting my resume or applying for a job on line. Joyce got my resume back to me last Thursday and I posted it and applied for several jobs on line Friday morning. I got a call back from a reputable global company before noon the following Monday. She interviewed me on the phone and had me in for a face-to-face interview the following morning. The interviewer specifically commented on how well I looked on paper. She said that my resume was remarkable. As a result, she barely interviewed me before sending me to the second phase of their interview process. Joyce’s resume not only got me in the door but through the second door as well. Joyce has an extraordinary way of dressing up the resume in a way that appeals to employers. I have also been contacted by other employers as well.