Technology Resume Advice

In this article, we provide some expert technology resume advice regarding refreshing your IT executive resume and aligning it with current recruiting trends can position you as a modern and forward-looking leader. When writing a good IT Director resume, view your career through a wide lens regarding showcasing your leadership talents; however, exercise caution in keeping your resume concise and focused. Keep reading for two quick and easy ways to increase the traction of your executive resume.

Tell Your Story

As an IT Director, you play an essential role in keeping businesses informed and connected to internal and external customers, vendors, and shareholders, and the list goes on. Your IT leadership contributions often impact enterprise-wide functions.

If this is the case, frame your story in ways that help the reader understand the ebbs and flows of your career. Shed light on what led to various promotions you have received. For example, did you hire and build new teams from the ground-up, or perhaps you turned around numerous stalled projects. The key takeaway here is to embrace a 360-degree view of your leadership roles to paint the full picture of your accomplishments while also keeping your resume focused and on point.

Shine the Spot Light on Your Team

Building teams that gel and perform well together is hard work. And…. when you throw in being tasked with non-traditional team leadership such as leading distributed teams, this adds an entirely new dynamic to creating synergy and cohesion among direct reports.

However, with organizations needing great leaders who can inspire and empower teams to reach their maximum capabilities, be sure to showcase this in-demand leadership skill as appropriate within each role.

Whether you have hired and coached individuals into higher level management positions, restructured a division or led a team that has consistently delivered beyond expectations, make it a point to strengthen your value by conveying the impact and outcome of your most notable team leadership skills.

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