Strategies to Personalize Your Resume

Resumes are in some ways like weddings; they come in many sizes, styles, and presentations. However, at the center of both is the desire for your personality to shine through. Your executive resume should certainly convey your career accomplishments, yet it is very refreshing to also pepper in short and brief copy blocks of content that showcase your personal attributes.

Make your summary pop with a blend of achievements, value, and personality. For example, if you are a manufacturing executive, a suggested line in your summary may read as follows:

“Operations strategist with a well-balanced view of supply chain management, logistics, and competitive dynamics. At the core of my leadership style is a commitment to cultivating the best talent, producing a rapid ROI on new initiatives, and delivering strong P&L results.”

Within the example above we have included a keyword optimized statement in your summary coupled with a splash of who you are personally. You can get even more creative by adding a quantifiable accomplishment to strengthen the presentation of your candidacy.

Incorporating statements that reflect your professional brand, or how you problem solve or weigh the risk versus reward of leadership decisions are all examples of how you can spruce up your resume with a DIY approach.

If you find yourself struggling with how to write a good resume, you can always hire a professional resume writer for your CEO level resume, IT Director resume, or your professionally written LinkedIn profile. Regardless of the path you take to writing your resume, remember to make it a reflection of who you are both professionally and personally.


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