Strategic Placement of Content Matters on Your Executive  Resume

Knowing that prospective employers are shuffling through tons of executive resumes for each job advertised, make it a point to elevate your professional resume and bring it to the top of the pile by presenting a show-stopping current resume format.

It is safe to say that we can all appreciate the presentation of content in a logical, uncluttered, and easy-to-read layout with the main points segmented for seamless navigation. The presentation of your executive resume should be quite similar in concept. 

Though you may be the perfect candidate for a particular role, you must demonstrate that by structuring your professional resume to connect with a human reviewer within a 7-10 second glance. A great tip on how to write your career marketing document in the most effective resume format is to tailor it for each role you are targeting in a manner that showcases the most relevant value, keywords, soft skills, and achievements that you have to offer. Enhance the skimmability factor by using modern fonts such as Calibri or Arial.

Generated a 7-figure savings for your organization, won a major award, completed a specialized certification, or perhaps you are working towards an advanced degree within your field of interest.  These are great special mentions to call out in the opening summary of your executive resume.  

Frame your accomplishments to strengthen and promote your brand so that within seconds of reviewing your resume, I’m hooked and want to know more about you as a candidate. Take a small step outside of your comfort zone and add some conservative font highlights to the most impactful content within a section. Blue and gray are often safe font color choices.

The key here is to make your executive resume pop with rich content complemented with in-demand soft skills, achievements, and keywords that convey you are in the loop with current trends and a great fit for your targeted leadership role.

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