Resume Formatting Tips

Structuring an executive resume and being equipped with effective resume formatting tips to achieve considerable traction among hiring professionals can be a little tricky at times. After all, objectively viewing one’s career can be perceived as a challenging activity.

However, to compete among today’s pool of leadership candidates, effectively translating a strong message into a marketable career portfolio which may include a CEO resume, current cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or executive Bio is a necessity in the present employment landscape.

Although your entire executive resume is important, particular emphasis should be given to the opening body of the document. Remove the guesswork from the equation for a prospective employer by considering these two tips on how to create an engaging and current resume.

Tip #1

Clearly convey who you are and what you can deliver in the summary. Use supporting keywords, leadership attributes, and if possible, 1-2 quantifiable achievements in the summary to present your value in a way that captivates your target audience. Remember your summary is of utmost important. Therefore use this section as an opportunity to convey information, awards, certifications, training, or qualifications that make you unique. 

Tip #2  

Presentation is everything! We have all heard this before, right? The same holds true in knowing how to write a good executive resume. Create visual impact by incorporating some very conservative lines or modern font choices such as Calibri or Aerial to enhance the readability factor of your executive resume. Structure the content in a way that is “easy on the eyes,” use bullets where possible, and be sure to bring your strongest qualifications to the forefront.

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