Referrals are Powerful. Are You Leveraging Them in Your Job Search

Most prospective employers lean toward hiring referrals as this is a cost-effective, efficient, and potentially low-risk hiring strategy. Let’s face it; we all can appreciate a good referral when shopping for the best value regarding goods and services. With an employer, the same concept applies. They want to get the best talent for their culture, compensation, and the scope of the target role. Just be sure to keep your executive resume and cover letter for an executive position updated in the most current resume format as a proactive measure in managing your career.

Keep reading for some impactful ways that referrals can benefit you.

 Conducting a Confidential Job Search?

Get your professional resume directly into the hands of a hiring professional. Through referrals, you can gain a direct connection with a recruiter or hiring manager in the event you need to keep your job search under wraps.  A referral enables you to narrow the distribution of your resume down to a very select and targeted audience.

Are you short on time?

Take advantage of your LinkedIn network to get a referral. After all, that is the reason you assembled and keep on expanding your professional reach on LinkedIn. Tapping into your professional network to notify targeted individuals within your professional community that you are seeking new opportunities can save you time in submitting your professional resume randomly online. Providing you have remained engaged with your network, and you have been giving back in meaningful ways to your professional community, asking for a referral should be a painless process for you.

Have you recently been downsized?

Referrals can certainly help you regroup and get back into the game quickly after an unsuspected downsizing. A recommendation from a current employee can go far in expanding your options for landing your next role, particularly if the employee referring you is a well-regarded, high impact leader on the fast track within their organization.

All in all, the power of a referral is huge and should be an essential part of your strategy in securing your next leadership opportunity.

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