Psst! Remember to Craft a LinkedIn Profile Along With a Professional Resume

In the simplest of terms, you need a LinkedIn profile in addition to your executive resume in today’s highly competitive business world. With recruiting having for the most part gone digital, your LinkedIn profile helps you to be found more easily online. It is just that simple.

‎With LinkedIn boasting such a huge membership base; it is almost as if your profile is working for you whether you are a leader in active or passive job search mode.

In fact, you may find that in some instances a recruiter will peruse your LinkedIn profile before reading your resume. This will give the hiring professional a glimpse into who you are, your interests, and also provide insight into your qualifications in the event you have endorsements and recommendations.

Having the right mix of senior leadership experiences, a catchy headline, and keywords peppered into your fully completed profile can increase your frequency appearance in search results. 

Give your personality some air time within the summary section of your profile. ‎ Keep your profile professional, yet engaging and interesting. If you have personal interests that may not have been suitable for inclusion in your professional resume, convey them in your LinkedIn profile.

As your leadership career advances, you win industry or corporate awards; you join boards, strengthen your marketability by periodically updating your LinkedIn profile with fresh content and new accolades.

Bottom-line, your LinkedIn profile is a must-have in today’s employment market. If you have been on the fence about joining LinkedIn, you are missing out on valuable opportunities by not viewing LinkedIn as a major player in your career management strategy.

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