Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

Career Fairs provide excellent opportunities for job seekers to connect with prospective employers. Maximizing your time and effort at a career fair can be accomplished with a few helpful reminders:

  1. Review the companies participating in the career fair and create a list of those you wish to target.
  2. If possible, invest in some pre-planning and review the company culture, leadership, product offerings, and/or services by using Google,, or
  3. Fine-tune/tailor your resume to reflect how your transferable and core skills align with the employer’s requirements.
  4. Details matter; take pride in your appearance. Dress to land the job. Iron out any wrinkles in your clothing, freshen your breath, cover any tattoos, avoid wearing perfume or cologne, carry a portfolio or briefcase in your left hand to leave the right hand free for handshaking. To avoid being rushed, get your attire ready the night before; this helps with organization and planning.
  5. Be kind and considerate: If you can speak with a hiring professional at the career fair, obtain his or her business card and contact information and send a thank-you letter within 24 hours of the career expo.  This is an opportunity to further express your interest in a position while thanking them for their time.

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