Personal Branding Tips 

Need some personal branding tips? Executive resume writing strategies that include a strong personal brand and a clearly defined marketing message around your value can elevate your candidacy among the competition. Before writing a good CEO resume, Director level resume, or even a cover letter for an executive position, take inventory of the leadership traits, skills, career successes, or notable highlights that differentiate you in the market.

Some great ways to facilitate this might consist of partnering with a career coach, completing a skills assessment, or simply investing time conducting a self-discovery leadership evaluation to narrow down your brand.

To succinctly convey your brand in a compelling way in your professional resume, try including personal branding statements, value-based taglines, or a few achievements in the summary section of your executive resume. This will help to powerfully set that stage for the supporting context that you will provide in the experience section. Use the  introduction to shine a light on key attributes that convey high-impact leadership contributions. To accomplish this, try making a list of your top 5-10 career successes, then begin prioritizing the list down to the top 2-3 that you want to include in the summary. 

A few thought-provoking questions you may want to ask yourself to gain clarity in defining your personal brand are what makes you unique as a leader, what energizes you, are there any common denominators in the leadership feedback you have received from your colleagues, clients, or direct reports.

Regardless of how you approach displaying your personal brand in your executive, ensure that it is focused and succinct.

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