Online Job Search Resources for Executives and Professionals

With the majority of job searches being conducted online, it is important to use a multi-tiered job search as well as your professionally written resume to secure your next position. Tapping the hidden job market by strategically networking, using LinkedIn, professional associations, and/or widely popular online job boards are a few of the options that we will explore. In the event you are conducting a confidential job search, you may want to review a site’s confidentiality terms. Remember to tailor your well-crafted executive resume and cover letter for each specific opportunity to ensure a successful online job search. Partnering with a career expert or professional resume writing service is also an option for writing a job-winning resume.

Below, we have provided some online job boards as well as niche/specialty websites.

Tapping the Hidden Job Market:

About 80% of available jobs are not published or advertised. The Internet can be useful for locating the 20% of posted positions. However, tapping the hidden job market to find the other 80% that are NOT posted can be accomplished by possibly initiating contact with the company in an attempt to get the hiring manager’s name and send your professionally written resume directly to him or her. Network to connect with people who have inside knowledge about unposted positions, use LinkedIn, or target specific employers, and post your executive resume directly to a role in their career section.

Tip: Networking can be very beneficial throughout the life of your career. However, when networking, try to build a relationship—and keep in touch—with your professional community, regardless of your career stage.  Be patient, because relationships develop over time. Give back and provide something of value to your network versus only focusing on what you want to get out of the relationship. The Internet is just one tool for job searching; the key takeaway is that you should use a multi-tiered approach to your job search.

Job Search Engines:

Niche/Specialty Websites:

 Accounting/Finance/Financial Services:

Broadcasting/News Media/Publishing:






Freelance & Independent Contractors:


Green Jobs:

Health & Medicine:



Human Resources:

Information Technology:

Law Enforcement:



 Pharmaceutical Jobs:



Social Work & Services:


Transportation & Logistics:

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