Networking Tips: Getting your Executive Resume to the Hiring Manager

Building Professional Relationships:

Networking can be very beneficial throughout the life of your career. Making the right connections can certainly help get your executive resume into the hands of the hiring manager. However, when networking, try to build a relationship—and keep in touch—with your professional network, regardless of your career stage. Be patient, because relationships develop over time. Give back and provide something of value to your network versus only focusing on what you want to get out of the relationship.

In understanding that we all encounter phases where life gets hectic and busy for us, carving out a few moments to keep in touch with your professional community can come in handy when needed. Networking should be a key component of your job search strategy whether you are employed, unemployed, testing the market, or looking to advance your career.

Building your professional network may include:

  • Attend professional meetings, trade shows, meet-ups, or conferences
  • Prepare your 30-second elevator pitch and practice it so that when the opportunity presents itself you can succinctly share who you are and what you can deliver
  • Offer your help in online forums or on discussion boards
  • Volunteer for a community project, engage other parents at your child’s school, attend church events or fundraisers
  • Join a career club in your area
  • Reconnect with your professional community on LinkedIn
  • Send a thank-you card, letter, or e-mail when someone offers help or connects you with an opportunity


More than 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for getting and staying connected. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you are potentially missing out on key opportunities. Having a powerful headline along with a highly branded, strategic LinkedIn profile that reflects your talent and value is almost a must-have in the current market. Align your LinkedIn profile with your executive resume, IT Director resume, entry-level or professional resume for a powerful branding strategy.

Sample LinkedIn Headline:

“Experienced Sales Professional” is doable, however “15-Year Sales Leader with a History of Nurturing High-Value Relationships That Drive Rapid ROI” communicates a quick snapshot of your value and what you can deliver.

You can find many employment opportunities advertised on LinkedIn. Track your target companies by creating a list, and then follow them on their LinkedIn company page to stay abreast of new office openings, product launches, and the latest updates. Expand your visibility by reaching out to invite new contacts into your network or reconnect with old colleagues.

Brand Management / Online Identity Management:

A key here is to ensure your brand is consistent on your resume and digitally. Manage your brand with a big-picture mindset, being aware that your brand can extend beyond yourself. Google yourself regularly to ensure you are sending the appropriate message to potential employers, clients, vendors, and/or prospects. Stay on top of social media comments about you or from you, photos tagged, blog or wall posts that may be presenting an unfavorable impression of you.

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