Need Help Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Started? Here are 2 Easy-to-Use Tools

Getting comfortable with the digital employment world can be somewhat overwhelming, particularly if you are a leader who has been out of the job market for a while or perhaps your excellent reputation as a leader has paved the way for you to land some wonderful employment opportunities thus enabling you to avoid executing an actual job search. 

Whether you are a CEO or early career professional, today’s most effective career management strategies extend beyond simply knowing how to create the most current professional resume to crafting and managing your online personal brand. 

To help ease the process of managing your online brand, below, I have shared a couple of straightforward tools as resources to assist with selecting your LinkedIn profile photo and creating an attention-getting background. is a great second set of eyes for getting objective feedback to assist you with determining the best professional photo to use for your LinkedIn profile. It’s quick, easy to navigate, and can be a useful tool to help ensure your LinkedIn photo is consistent with your personal brand.  is another one of those handy time-saving career management tools. Want to add a professional background to your LinkedIn profile? Regardless if you are tech savvy or new to technology,  Canva’s design program is easy-to-use, and within minutes you can create an eye appealing LinkedIn background.  With Canva you can make your LinkedIn profile more engaging by selecting from a wide variety of different background graphics that align with your brand message and personality. 

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Good luck!