Need a Resume Refresh

Current resume formats are visually engaging, focused, and provide a clear picture of your most valuable leadership qualifications. Need a resume refresh? During the process of writing a good executive resume, if you find yourself investing hours into strategizing and deciding how to convey your voice to connect with your audience or what to keep versus what to cut from the final version of your executive resume.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to make two easy tweaks to your current resume format to give it a nice refresh.

  1. Quantify Your Leadership Contributions:

If you have metrics, add them by weaving them into your value proposition statement. Get creative here by including a branding statement that effectively showcases, in a few words, who you are and what you can deliver. For example, if you are a business development executive, your current resume format may include a tagline that can consist of a metric as showcased in the example below:

Relationship builder, penetrator, and growth catalyst of sales funnels valued at $30+ million. 

  1. Highlight Your Soft Skills:

Soft skills can help to provide a more well-rounded view of who you are as a leader. The way you make decisions, think on your feet, respect and relate to other colleagues, your direct reports, and clients can go a long way in developing a personal brand that people trust and believe. Blend your soft skills against your quantifiable achievements. Your soft skills may include people management with an ability to inspire and influence others or your talent for negotiating with and presenting to boards and key stakeholders. Consider adding bullets to each job that tell a story and share context around how you think and make decisions, and how to factor data into your strategic decisions. 

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