Must-Have Career Tools for Executives and Professionals

Competitively positioning yourself in today’s employment market extends beyond simply keeping your executive resume updated in a current format. Regardless of whether you are comfortable in your existing leadership role or actively in pursuit of new opportunities, there are certain must-haves that you may want to consider as key tools in your career-management strategy.

Having an online brand is an effective way to connect with prospective employers. It can also make it easier for a hiring professional to get a feel for cultural fit, and you can showcase your industry expertise in specific areas based on your active participation in group discussions, articles, and posts on LinkedIn.

Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile provides an endless opportunity throughout your career for you to network, pursue job opportunities, show that you are modern and up-to-date as a leader, and grow your professional network—among many other wonderful benefits.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can yield a significant ROI with a small weekly time investment of roughly 15-20 minutes.  Start by determining what your objective is for the week, i.e. follow target recruiters or companies, explore opportunities to submit your professional resume for a new position, share a newly written article with your community, or grow your connections. You decide, and then work your plan from there.

Moreover, it is extremely beneficial to have a plan that works within the scope of your time which allows you to remain current and on top of industry trends. Unintentionally creating a blind spot and becoming out of sync with changes taking place outside of your company and scope of accountability can easily occur to some of the strongest leaders.

In today’s ever-evolving business world, leadership skill requirements are constantly changing, talent acquisition strategies have transformed, competitive shifts within your industry are often occurring, and the employment market in general is in a constant state of transition.  Again, with a very minimal weekly time investment on LinkedIn, you can get and stay connected on many different levels.

When it comes to managing your career, by following the right recruiters and industry experts on LinkedIn, you can gain access to some of the best tips to keep your CEO resume modernized, engage with your network, get exposed to great ideas for business development and process transformations, and find fresh ideas for guiding your team with some of the most leading-edge strategies.

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