Making Your Transferable Skills Pop on Your Professional Resume

Taking your professional resume or executive resume to the next level can sometimes include weaving in the most relevant transferable skills to help strengthen your brand message and connection with a prospective employer.

Transferable skills are those skills that may reflect your talent in various areas such as building effective relationships, handling information or data, leading geographically dispersed teams or working with software, machines, and computers.

For example, if you are deciding on a strategy for how to write a Billing Specialist career change resume to facilitate a transition to a Training or Learning & Development Specialist position.

Let’s say that within your Billing Specialist role you conducted training on new accounting software, or perhaps you had a role in developing the training materials for new procedures, or maybe you helped create and organize the training calendar. Some of your transferable skills could be your presentation skills, communication ability, creative insight, strategic thinking ability, interpersonal savviness, and organizational skills.

Hypothetical Example:


You are a Billing Specialist who is interested in transitioning into a Training role.

Action: Incorporate a bullet that includes transferable verbiage based on your qualifications and the job requirements.

Sample Resume Bullet:

Trained 50+ new hires across 3 sites during the rollout of a new software program; played a key role in creating E-learning materials, creating the class calendar, and evaluating the post-training effectiveness of the on-the-job application.

Transferable Skills: In this example, your presentation skills, communication ability, organizational and interpersonal skills are conveyed and aligned with a training position regardless of the industry.

In closing, when narrowing down your top 3-4 transferable skills try to strategically incorporate them into your professional resume in a manner that conveys impact and value as opposed to simply stating that you have the skill.

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