Making a Career Change—Break it Down Into Manageable Steps

Interestingly enough, making a career change can be a somewhat seamless process, just as long as you have a well thought out strategy, a few of the right tools, and a good executive resume. Avoid overwhelming yourself by breaking the process down into manageable steps that are easy for you to execute. You can accomplish this by creating a mini to-do list to help keep you on track with specific career change goals, milestones, and dates and times for completion.

Keep reading for some additional ways to embrace your career change with excitement.

Partner with a Career Coach

Breakthrough moments coupled with the possibility of uncovering valuable leadership characteristics that parlay over into your next career can be realized by partnering with a professional career coach. Having someone to bounce ideas, thoughts, and perspectives off of can be mentally stimulating and very enlightening. Career coaches can be extremely valuable resources in helping you decide what career best aligns with your leadership interests, lifestyle, personality, and passion.

Dust off Your Executive Resume

Though I recommend updating your executive resume twice annually, re-branding your resume and cover letter for an executive position is a must when making a career change. Knowing how to write a resume in the most effective format is the trick. You may need to employ a professional resume redevelopment strategy to ensure you are conveying your value and your most in-demand transferrable skills. Most of all, you need to ensure it is keyword optimized and in an up-to-date resume format.

Market Your New Brand

Get in the online social media game by updating your LinkedIn profile to showcase the new you. If you don’t have a profile, now is the time to create one. Start making connections, joining groups, and posting interesting content to maintain a presence within your professional community. 

Do a little research and connect with recruiters or hiring professionals specific to your industry. Use LinkedIn to get the inside scoop on position qualifications and find a few organizations you might be interested in joining.

If you incorporate these ideas into your own strategic preparation, you should be well on your way to making a seamless career change. The key takeaway is to lay the groundwork to ensure you maintain your excitement, momentum, and ultimately accomplish your goal.

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Good luck!