Help Writing a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is just as important as your executive resume in your pursuit of new leadership opportunities or career advancement. In this article, we are providing linkedIn profile writing tips and ideas for investing 15-30 minutes each week on LinkedIn to enhance your credibility, job prospects,  and create visibility.

  1. With 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to search candidates, you can connect with recruiters who hire for your specialty area, industry, target companies, and geography. Keeping your profile updated with a compelling headline, impactful summary, and experience section can improve your click-through rate and the chance of being viewed as a more favorable senior-level, professional, or mid-career-level candidate by recruiters.

LinkedIn’s Help Center which is located within your profile in the upper right-hand corner provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to get started on LinkedIn, growing your network, finding career opportunities, along with answers to many other frequently asked questions.

  1. LinkedIn offers a FREE membership that gives you access to some of the most commonly used features the tool offers. Though LinkedIn offers premium account holders access to a host of advanced features. With the basic service, you can create a killer LinkedIn profile, build, manage, and grow your network, send and receive recommendations, join groups and utilize many other core services.  The basic feature also allows you to request introductions to hiring professionals or others that you are not currently connected to from people within your network.
  2. Following your target companies, key influencers, posting a comment on a group discussion, or sharing content that is meaningful and interesting can strengthen your executive branding strategy and possibly result in valuable connections with other CEOs, CIOs, or COOs with whom you share common interests.
  3. Accessing the hidden job market! Though LinkedIn’s newsfeed showcases content from others within your network, new job openings, company expansions, and updates also appear on your stream. Again, with a 15-30 minute time investment, you can gain access to employment opportunities that may not have been made public, and in some cases connect directly with the hiring professional as some of them will include their contact information within their post.

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