LinkedIn Profile Reminders

Times have changed significantly in terms of how to write a modern executive resume to land that coveted senior leadership role and how prospective employers execute talent acquisition and placement strategies.

From social media playing a major role in connecting recruiters with qualified candidates to digital branding being an essential component of a candidate’s career management strategy, the employment landscape has undergone quite an evolution.

Tapping into LinkedIn for 15-20 minutes a week can go a long way in strengthening your professional brand as a senior leader. Below are a few effective tips for managing your LinkedIn profile.

Utilize Your Broadcast Settings

Prior to making maintenance-related updates to your profile, you might want to turn off the feature that allows you to share your profile edits. Just be smart about when you leave the notification feature on versus off. For example, if you are an IT Director who recently completed an advanced certification, you may want to keep your notification feature turned on. However, let’s say you are making routine content changes within a job; in this instance, you may want the feature off.

Maximize All Profile Sections

Take advantage of each section of your profile to optimize your online brand. Utilize all 2,000 character spaces within your summary. Build out each job within your profile to get the maximum benefit of being found by recruiters or prospective employers.  Remember to align your LinkedIn brand with the tone of your current resume format and cover letter so there is congruency between your career marketing materials.

Connect and Engage

Stay in touch with your network through periodic posts and comments or group discussions. The rich knowledge-sharing aspect of LinkedIn is the added benefit of regularly engaging with your professional community. Think about it: imagine how great it feels to bring new developments and industry trends into senior leadership meetings.

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