Keyword Resume Tips

Keyword resume tips can be very helpful and certainly a worthwhile addition to your executive resume. They add a powerful punch to your professional resume and provide an opportunity for you to articulate subject matter expertise, targeted competencies, a more focused body of knowledge, and so much more.  However, to help achieve greater balance in your CEO resume, perhaps you can incorporate the C.A.R. technique into your resume writing strategy to succinctly convey some of the stories that serve as the foundation for your leadership success. The C.A.R. approach stands for Challenge, Action, and Result. This technique can be very valuable in knowing how to write a good executive resume.

As you evaluate your qualifications, value, and most marketable skills, give some thought to the backstories that reside beneath the career successes, promotions, Board appointments, or stretch assignments that you have been hand-picked for throughout your career.

Are you known for restoring struggling businesses to profitability? If so, refer to the C.A.R. technique to write your resume in a compelling way so that it captures the obstacles that you have faced, the action you took to turn an organization around, and what was the outcome regarding profitability gains, market share growth, or feeding the talent pipeline.  Whatever your specific story may be, bear in mind keywords are only one aspect of writing a good executive resume that will richly convey the ingredients included in your recipe for success.

In addition if remote work is an arrangement you are interested in, be sure to convey that on your resume. In the event you have previous experience working remotely, highlight this within the appropriate job or replace the city/state with the word “remote.” 

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