Regarding job search trends for 2022, knowing how to write an interview-winning executive resume is undoubtedly valuable in today’s job market. Equally important is tapping into other creative outlets to market your leadership talent. Applicant tracking systems are a great option to incorporate into your job search. However, don’t settle for a one size fits all approach. You want to diversify your job search to maximize your time and efforts.

Through blogs, personally branded websites, and LinkedIn, you can highlight your personality, special interests, or hobbies. LinkedIn in particular, offer an abundance of space a specialty categories that extend beyond your resume for showcasing your accomplishments, passions, volunteer engagements, and interesting information that allow you to share more about your personality.

Metrics matter! Investing time in defining your accomplishments can generate a huge payback regarding resume impact and value proposition. In fact, metrics can be added in multiple sections on your executive resume. The summary for example is a great place to start, you can also pepper quantifiable successes into your introductory taglines and personal branding strategy, in addition to converying them through each leadership position as appropriate. 

Creating and maintaining a blog opens the door for you to promote your professional brand, share useful content, and even become a subject matter expert. Moreover, with a personally branded executive website, you can go beyond the resume to create a visually engaging representation of value themes, accomplishments, metrics, highlights, and personal passions that get to the heart of who you are as a leader.

Pairing your executive resume with a keyword-rich, compelling LinkedIn profile can boost your leadership profile, connect you with prospective employers, and stay top of mind among your network.
If you are feeling creative, go all out by writing a modern executive resume, launching an executive website, and crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, strive for brand alignment across all career marketing collateral. Need help writing an interview-winnng resume? Contact us at