Is Your Executive Resume the Cause for Your Career Search Challenges?

Having a multi-tiered executive level job search is essential for an effective employment campaign. A well-crafted executive resume is only one aspect of securing your next opportunity. Creating and managing your online reputation, connecting with Recruiters on LinkedIn who specialize in your industry, and periodically engaging with your professional network throughout your career are keys to positioning yourself within the market.

 I know, I know, the thought of promoting yourself online may not be appealing. But let’s face it, we live in a digital world today. Job seekers who follow in suit will remain competitive in their fields and empowered with fresh insight to help keep their skills on par with employer expectations. The good thing about creating and effectively managing your online brand is that it can expose you to many new leadership opportunities for career advancement.

Whether you are in pursuit of a career change, looking to advance internally, or simply testing the market, having an online brand enables recruiters to more easily search and connect with you. Align your online brand with your professional resume.  Regardless of whether you are writing an IT Director resume, CEO resume, or Supply Chain Manager resume, the same concept applies.

If you are new to online branding, take small steps and begin by identifying which business networking sites best reflect your career interests and goals. Map out a plan that feels right for you and your time investment, which in many cases can amount to as little as 15-30 minutes weekly.

 Just as preparing a list of items to purchase at the market helps you to stay focused. Conceptually this is the same. In advance of accessing your LinkedIn presence to manage your brand, determine what your goals and objectives are i.e. are you scoping out employment opportunities or posting an interesting article to share with your network, whatever the case, this should not be a time-consuming activity.

LinkedIn is a great site for professional networking; however, Facebook offers some excellent career tools as well. You decide which sites will provide the best opportunities for you to share and receive informative ideas, content, and information from your professional network.

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