Interview Ready Resumes

Writing  interview ready resumes can help boost your  confidence when interviewing for a job. From knowing how to write a current resume that translates your voice on paper, to aligning key areas in your resume with interview responses, to finding the time to invest in an effective job search strategy; there are many pieces to the puzzle to succeed in the job market.

When deciding how to create an executive resume that generates interviews, be sure to clearly state how your most marketable value fits with the leadership role you are pursuing. Craft your resume for a CEO position so that it speaks to “hot button” areas such as your financial acumen and people management skills and be sure to include your LinkedIn URL to showcase that you are current with the latest technology.

With soft skills becoming increasingly important in many jobs, be sure to concisely convey your leadership talent, decision-making skills, and your ability to cultivate teams, or perhaps lead distributed teams, providing these skills are within your wheelhouse. The point here is to include your strongest soft skills within the story of each job on your resume as it relates to the position requirements. Soft skills can be integrated within projects that you have led, restructurings, business transformations, or teams that you have built from the ground-up.

Translate the work you have performed into a compelling, yet succinct story with a few measurable career successes sprinkled into each section of your professional resume. In the end, you will want a nice balance of personal branding, storytelling, noteworthy achievements, and keywords formatted into a visually impactful executive resume.

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