How LinkedIn Benefits Executives

Haven’t been on the job market in a while? Well, a lot has changed. For starters, crafting a good executive resume, in conjunction with creating a personal brand and leveraging LinkedIn to expand your leadership opportunities are must haves in the current employment market. Whether you are in active or passive job search mode, LinkedIn adds versatility, exposure, and credibility for you as a leader. For some additional ways regarding how LinkedIn benefits executives, keep reading.

Build Your Brand:

One of the best ways to get yourself out there, build your brand, and connect with recruiters is to create and maintain an engaging LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn being a primary vetting tool for many recruiters, you can’t go wrong with utilizing this platform to get hooked up with prospective employers.  

Remember, keyword optimization allows you to appear more frequently in search results. Therefore, be sure to complete your entire profile to fully optimize your reach and possibilities. As part of an effective career management strategy, design an attention-getting LinkedIn profile in addition to ensuring your IT Director resume, CEO resume, and PMO resume, etc. are showcased in the most effective resume format.

Network Online and Save Time: 

Pressed for time and do not have the luxury of attending onsite networking meetings. Not a problem, join 2-3 targeted groups that align with your career interests and passion and begin networking with other group members. Or simply engage weekly or bi-weekly with your connections by commenting, liking, or sharing meaningful content to ensure you are adding value.

With a 15-20 minute regular time investment you will be well on your way to forming valuable professional relationships and possibly open the door to unexpected career advancement prospects through LinkedIn.

Begin following targeted companies or leaders you admire and take advantage of opportunities to build a rapport with them by meaningfully commenting on their posts, articles, or updates. The idea here is to boost credibility, visibility, and build your brand. After all, who knows, this could also possibility put you on a path to landing your dream job with a prospective employer.

Engaged in a Confidential Job Search?

LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Feature allows you to communicate your employment interests with recruiters while maintaining some level of confidentiality by limiting your career interests to viewing among recruiters who use LinkedIn’s Recruiter product. Though nothing is totally private in the digital world we live in, this feature does give you some peace of mind in connecting with recruiters in a non-public way. It is awesome that you can expand your options for communicating with recruiters beyond your executive resume.

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