High-Impact Ways to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

I believe that many people wish that LinkedIn did not require such a hands-on approach to remain relevant. It would be great if all we had to do was set it up, and never have to touch it ever again, kind of like a toaster.

In reality, LinkedIn is somewhat similar to planting flowers. You plant your seeds, the more you water the flowers and cultivate them, the more the stems grow and blossom. In other words, LinkedIn needs careful attention.  In the present employment climate, having the most current executive resume format is not the only tool you will need in your career management toolbox to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market. 

Though creating a well-crafted LinkedIn profile is a great first step in having a strong online brand, it does not stop there.  There is a maintenance aspect associated with your LinkedIn profile that enhances your relevancy, searchability, and engagement with prospective employers. Keep reading for some easy ways to maximize your LinkedIn presence.

Brand Alignment:  Your LinkedIn profile and your executive resume should convey a similar message to be effective. Ask yourself what are your top three leadership strengths, and this may help with the process of how to define your personal brand.

While your executive resume, cover letter for an executive position, and LinkedIn profile should be used to showcase your career highlights, by using your LinkedIn summary to pepper in some of your personality traits, leadership values, and volunteer interests, you can connect with your audience in a very powerful way. Whether you are writing an IT Director resume, CEO resume, or an entry-level resume, sync your brand on your professional resume and on LinkedIn with keywords and soft skills that showcase your leadership competencies, defining moments, and key contributions.

Regular Tune-ups: As your career advances, be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile current with special mentions. Perhaps you have been promoted to a senior leadership role, or maybe you recently led a successful system implementation across multiple geographies. In addition to adding this new information to your executive resume, take the time to flesh out the details on your LinkedIn profile as well.

Community Engagement: A 15-20-minute time investment each week will position you to stay networked within your professional community. Who knows you might brighten someone’s day by commenting on a post, sharing useful information, or simply recognizing them by way of an endorsement.

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