Feeling as if Your Executive Resume Does Not Convey Your Strengths?

For a solid month in your spare time, you have rewritten the qualifications summary of your executive resume… at least three times. You’ve deleted and replaced several bullets within some of your roles, or perhaps you have scratched all of your resume-writing efforts to once again start from the beginning. In the end, you feel as if your senior leadership resume is becoming extremely long and lacks impact.

Sometimes you may need an objective set of eyes to review your professional resume and shed light on how to write a resume that brings forward your strengths in an interesting and attention-getting, successful resume format.  Taking some time to reflect and narrow down your career focus and job target will significantly decrease your writing time. Below I have shared a few practical tips on how to write a modern resume by focusing on several key elements.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Focus, clarity, conciseness, and targeted are among a few of the words that come to mind when writing an executive resume for today’s prospective employer. As opposed to cramming every skill and each detail of every strategic project you have ever led into your professional resume, try focusing on the most noteworthy achievements to tell your story.

Use Your Resume Real Estate Wisely

I have often recommended creating a master executive resume to house your career highlights, leadership roles, and defining moments; this version can be used as a reference point for tailoring to targeted career interests.

Share Some Results

Whether you are creating a CEO resume, IT Director resume, or professional-level resume, it certainly helps the hiring professional if you can tie some actual results to all the wonderful work you have done. Make your executive resume and cover letter interesting by communicating measurable savings from process improvements, department restructurings, or ROI of technology enhancements. Plus, this is a great strategy for breaking up some of the dense text, and it also helps to maximize the reader’s time during the 7-10 second human scan.

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