Executives Resumes That Pop

Executive resumes that pop can be created by keeping up with resume writing trends and ensuring your resume is updated according to a schedule which will ease some of the stress and apprehension around managing such an important document. Need help with updating your professional resume? Continue reading for some great tips on how to get your resume noticed by recruiters.  

From personal branding to integrating social media strategies into your career management plan to building your professional network, it’s a juggling act. Then you throw in the need to write a current executive resume that connects you with the right opportunities. Phew! Can someone say break time?

Looking at the professional resume more closely, one of the commonly overlooked ways to add impact to your resume is the use of metrics.

By including quantifiable examples of your contributions, you can distinguish yourself from the competition, create brand themes that reflect your strongest leadership competencies, and convey a compelling backstory.

Specifically, two big missed opportunities with metrics include the omission of measurable accomplishments entirely or quantifiable achievements that are buried at the bottom of a leadership role.

Many executives have led stellar careers; however, the resume reads like a list of tasks and responsibilities with no mention of quantifiable successes.

Placement of metrics matters. In many cases, achievements are the least emphasized leadership results and often mentioned within a densely worded job description on a resume. Shine the spotlight on your high impact career successes by weaving metrics into the first few bullets of a position.

We’re not trying to create a stat sheet, the goal is to place the work you have performed in context for the reader, and metrics is one of the many ways to accomplish this.

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