Executive Resume Writing Tips

Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch. We have all heard this adage before, which relates very well to executive resume writing tips. With your professional resume having various intersecting pieces that need to be crafted and tied into an overall personal brand, try approaching the writing process by section instead of attempting to create the entire document in one sitting. 

When developing your resume writing strategy, brainstorm each leadership position you plan on including in your resume by using the CAR method. The CAR technique stands for challenge, action, and result. This method will give you an idea of your workplace climate, challenges faced and solutions delivered, P&L oversight, and organizational impact. Tell the person reading your resume how you identify the challenges that prevented you and your organization from achieving success. Describe what strategy or process did you implement(action). Highlight what improved; was it a cost-saver, or did it reduce turnover. Finish with the results, the numbers, the metric.

The CAR method can be applied universally whether you need resume help with writing a CEO resume, Vice President of Operations career marketing document, or entry-level resume. Approaching the resume writing process in sections allows the project to become more manageable and less overwhelming.

In addition to leveraging the CAR technique as an approach for preparing the strategy for each role, remember to set realistic time frames for accomplishing individual sections so that your thoughts and ideas remain fresh on your mind and maintain the momentum of your writing process. 

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