Executive Resume Branding

Executive resumes have been in a constant state of change over the years. This can be attributed to the evolution of business, technology, and human capital expectations with have heavily influenced executive resume branding. Being progressive and growth-oriented coupled with effective oversight of strategic operating and financial levers have a direct impact on an organization’s competitive positioning.

Operating with a growth-focused perspective is a valuable trait to adopt regardless if you own a business or you are an executive playing a pivotal role in running a corporation. That said, the need to keep your leadership skills fresh and your executive resume “market ready” is critical, as the next opportunity could possibly be a phone call away.

To effectively convey your professional brand in your executive resume, showcase a multidimensional view of your leadership experience. For example, in the event you are writing a good Director of Business Analytics resume, although you are translating complex intelligence data into insightful decks that shape major operating decisions, the impact of your work touches P&L planning, sales, marketing, staffing, service, the customer experience, etc.

To offer resume help, try writing your professional resume to convey that you think broadly, have a strategic orientation and understand how your work impacts the organization overall. To spice things up, add a few metrics, quantifiable achievements, certifications, or awards in the summary or opening statements. Addiionally, the summary is also where you can weave in a few special mentions about your personality or approach to developing talent or driving results.

Key here is achieving balance by writing your resume for a CEO position, IT Director role, or entry-level job in a way that articulates your expertise in a core discipline while also shining the spotlight on a well-rounded set of position qualifications.

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